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Fudge Sunday 🤔💡🤯🤓
If you find yourself hitting refresh on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Hacker News or *shiver* BuzzFeed then it might be time to subscribe to a few mailing lists and newsletters. This week, I am sharing articles linked in the mailing lists and newsletters I’ve been reading lately.

Recommendation: Oh... M. G.
On curation
Pinpoint prognostication
Multicloud Rosetta Stone Reading
As I’ve discussed in my blog, marketing is hard in the world of hyperscale cloud service providers. I’ve subscribed to several newsletters that cover the cloud market but it’s difficult to recommend any in this issue but a few links did catch my eye even if they are more multiple clouds than multicloud.
Shaving cartridges of the clouds
Soap operas were meant to sell soap
If I made it here I can make it anywhere
Posts that make the rounds
Sometimes you’ll see a post referenced in multiple newsletters.
When a16z went into the news business
My fleeting tweet take on this….
Jay Cuthrell
✍️ @a16z built a precision earned media content farm over the years: blogs, essays, podcasts, newsletters, events, etc.


🔮Perhaps a content farm gets more deal flow than tech finance journalists questioning investment theses for a post-biomimicry crypto paradigm "future" https://t.co/3c6MDBIpFW
Two way global fish bowls
Amazing, don’t you think? This video might make you a bit misty eyed…
pOrtal: A Bridge to the United Planet
pOrtal: A Bridge to the United Planet
And one more thing... the path to multi-cloud
This month at work we posted the long form version of The Path to Multi-Cloud over at Technative.io.
Next month I’ll have a summary of this longer piece on my own blog but for now… enjoy!
Final tweet
One last tweet for the road…
Jay Cuthrell
Eventually "the hot aisle" will become niche as changing heat exchange uses cases bring two-phase engineered fluid immersion cooling into wider adoption that are compounded by the progression of advanced RISC machines to edge / core / cloud modalities.
The end. 🤓
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