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Fudge Sunday - Multicloud, XaaS, and Service Mesh

Fudge Sunday 🤔💡🤯🤓
This week we take a look at Multicloud Data Services and everything evolving to be a service with an increasing emphasis on observability.

Getting Informed
If you’ve read a few of my newsletter issues, you know I believe strongly in the inevitable nature of multicloud and multicloud data services. As such, I am linking to my disclosure at the end of each newsletter issue.
On the way to our multicloud future, a key element of successful outcomes will be increased observability. As such, getting informed about what companies and technologies will promote easier access to observability is worth exploring further across various service mesh related projects like IstioConsulEnvoyKumaHelm, Linkerd, eBPF, Cilium, and SMI.
Blog posts can be a great place to take in longer form perspectives on a specific topic like “service mesh”. This week we’ll start with one blog post that provides opinionated insights into identifying, managing, and securing the communication of many services.
Thomas Graf
I've written down my thoughts on how eBPF will help solve service mesh complexity and performance by getting rid of sidecars.
The Service Mesh is Dead. Long live the Service Mesh?
Again, the blog post is both informative and opinionated. Specifically, this blog post is the perspective of Isovalent, a company that provides commercially supported implementations of eBPF and Cilium.
Does Isovalent sound familiar? They should.
A year ago...
Of course, the Investments in the service mesh market space have been more that just Isovalent and go back more than just one year. So, let’s take a look over the past few years at a few companies such as Tetrate, VMware, HashiCorp, Tigera, Buoyant, Weaveworks, Solo, Microsoft, and Kentik
When I read the tweet that inspired this newsletter issue my response was:
Good stuff. I look forward to opinionated blog posts from each of these other companies (companies that just happen to support similar and differing projects with common service mesh goals)
Work Plug!
As a reminder, I work at Faction. What’s Faction you ask? 
Faction provides clientele with cloud data services across hyperscale providers to maximize innovation and multicloud outcomes.🤓☁️🚀
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I am linking to my disclosure.
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