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Fudge Sunday - Hype Or Loop?

Start the week more informed 🤔💡🤯🤓
This week we take a look at hype and the loop of technology journalism.

Getting Informed
Let’s start with a perspective from 10 years ago. The year was 2012.
The Loop of Technology Journalism circa 2012
Now, cut to the present day. What has changed?
Readers of technology journalism have access to a growing number of resources and influences that represent new perspectives. For starters, there is a greater appreciation by the readers of technology journalism for original sources, data driven journalism, and native advertising.
This reflects on the current Techmeme leaderboard as well.
  1. The Verge
  2. Bloomberg
  3. New York Times
  4. Wall Street Journal
  5. Washington Post
  6. Reuters
  7. TechCrunch
  8. CNBC
  9. Financial Times
  10. VICE
So how are we doing with respect to the hype of 2012?
Gartner’s Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle
Now, cut to the present day. What has changed?
Two things.
  1. Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies is more conservative.
  2. Newsletters. Newsletters. Newsletters.
Emphasis is shifting..
Newsletters are growing...
The process is also being documented along the way. Here’s a sneak peak:
You had me at a qualitative approach to hype..
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