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Fudge Sunday - Gaming, Healthcare, and Convergence

Fudge Sunday 🤔💡🤯🤓
This week is going to be about gaming, healthcare, and convergence.
Let’s examine topics from edge to core to cloud and all points in between.

Mark your calendars...
If you enjoy this issue, I’ll be providing a summary of sorts in the near future. On August 18th, I’ll be speaking about multi-cloud data services patterns within gaming and healthcare, convergence, and the world of AR / VR in our future.
Where? Here: IT Renovation Day
Speaking of all points in between… 
Recap from last week...
Finishing up the five part series was rewarding.
This week we’re going to revisit an old idea, gaming and healthcare. The difference this time is we’ll pass this idea through the lens of convergence.
Gamification of Healthcare
To be clear, gamification of healthcare is not a new fusion. Yes, we’ve come a long way since wacky doctor’s game.
Operation Game Commercial 80s
Operation Game Commercial 80s
In the present and the future, buzz sounds move to buzz words and the buzz of funding. So, let’s consider a few things in gamification of healthcare.
As society comes to value digital transformation, it is natural that digital health will fuse information and education through the use of technology. That means from treatment to diagnosis to outcomes and lifelong wellness, the use of games in a healthcare related setting is a trend that will continue to develop.
Side note: When I first started reading sources to get this issue compiled, my brain could not resit the pun: Ready Payor One?
(a bit of US healthcare humor)
Training Health Science Models through Gaming
Moving on from battery powered board games, there are clear examples where doctors will benefit from better training both in models, collaboration, and innovations discovered through gaming platforms themselves.
Surgical simulation
Collaborative surgical training
VR/AR Gaming in healthcare training
Therapeutic Gaming
For many, playing games at home fits on a spectrum of relaxing to stimulating to exhilarating. So, it’s not a huge leap of logic to assume there are therapeutic gaming applications being explored.
Stream for Mott: Therapeutic Gaming at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
Stream for Mott: Therapeutic Gaming at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
Health Outcome Scenario Games
Continuing on the trend of games, there are lifecycle considerations in the overall healthcare experience. Outcomes or outcome-driven thinking has become more pervasive in US healthcare.
Indeed, some would argue that gaming and healthcare application of gaming has become, well, serious. As it turns out there is a group that embraces this trend: IEEE Serious Games and Applications for Health or SeGAH for short.
About SeGAH...
Wayback moments...
Side note: 20 years ago I was flying around in private planes to meet with CIOs of healthcare institutions. This was to learn from them and to combine knowledge about what is possible.
The backdrop for these healthcare IT leadership meetings were the first wave of .com and technology innovations were just beginning to impact healthcare IT. Modern advances in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) was transforming expectations with each passing day.
Now let’s take a look at recent gaming industry and healthcare industry trends through the lens of Techmeme history.
It's all fun and games...
Modern Times Group
Healthy, wealthy, and wise...
Booz Allen Hamilton
Florence Healthcare
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Jay Cuthrell
Jay Cuthrell @JayCuthrell

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