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Fudge Sunday - Dig Your Own SQL

Start the week more informed πŸ€”πŸ’‘πŸ€―πŸ€“
This week we take a look back a year of podcasts episodes from a16z relating to data science and references to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Specifically, we’ll focus on the episodes worth downloading to your podcasting app that are evergreen and worth more than a single listen alone.

Since the last issue: 20 minutes of me talking
Last week I spoke in my capacity as a team member at Faction about the topic of multi-cloud data services patterns within gaming and healthcare, convergence, and the world of AR / VR in our future.
IT Renovation Day: Analyzing the Next Wave of Tools, Products, and Services Summit
IT Renovation Day: Analyzing the Next Wave of Tools, Products, and Services Summit
Sunday morning and we're waking up
Let’s start with the big beats before we look at some of the podcast content from those that make big bets.
Where Do I Begin
Where Do I Begin
Where do we start?
Catching up on the entire catalog of a16z podcasts would take quite a time investment. For perspective – the catalog is already several years deep and the episode numbers are in the hundreds and Episode 636 was posted in July 2021.
For this issue, three podcasts episodes will be examined from 2020 and a list of key podcast episodes from pre-2020 will be shared at the end.
When I was going for my undergrad degree in engineering I remember a quad conversation with a peer that opened my mind in the early 1990s. Like many conversations started in those days, we were discussing majors as one does.
At the time, I was enamored with the possibilities of materials science and engineering such as room temperature superconductors. My perspectives were quite limited.
My infectious enthusiasm aide, my peer indicated a deeper desire to be one of the problem solvers of the next generation. So, I asked what that meant.
What that meant was a dual major. The dual majors would be physics and philosophy.
When this combination was explained to me, my mind was altered.
Emoji didn’t exist then but I probably looked like this: πŸ€”πŸ€―
And now... a recommendation from this time last year
Where do we begin?
Next, let’s look at some of two key data related debates coming from a year ago as we look ahead to the future.
  1. Data Alone Is Not Enough: The Evolution of Data Architectures
  2. The Great Data Debate
Tools, tools, and tools
Speaking of Databricks...
We were promised SQL jet packs
Pre-2020 listening
Again, there are hundreds of a16z podcasts episodes.
However, if you are interested in the topics covered in this issue of my newsletter and want to listen to the prior conversations that might have influenced them (and my newsletter), enjoy these podcast episodes a well.
  1. The History and Future of Machine Learning
  2. Deep Learning for the Life Sciences
  3. Automation + Work, Human + Machine
  4. Ancient Dreams of Technology, Gods & Robots
One last Techmeme Quote Tweet for the road...
Jay Cuthrell
Tip of the hat to those that opine on the timelines for eventual displacement (or at least partnering via augmentation) of the C Suite by sufficiently advanced AI.
Nvidia says part of its April keynote was led by a virtual replica of CEO Jensen Huang, created by scanning Huang and then training an AI to mimic his gestures (@lorenzofb / VICE)
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Jay Cuthrell
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