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Fudge Sunday - Come Together

Start the week more informed 🤔💡🤯🤓
This week we take a look at mergers and acquisitions with FinOps in mind.

The Beatles - Come Together (1969)
The Beatles - Come Together (1969)
Getting Informed
Each year I spent with what is now known as Dell Technologies involved an anniversary blog post. Looking back, I had many email addresses due to the nature of starting at a joint venture funded by VMware, Cisco, EMC, and Intel (seed).
Acadia formed then became VCE which joined EMC Federation that merged with Dell to become Dell EMC and is known as Dell Technologies. So, while I wasn’t in IT, my email address progression was something like…
  • 2010-2011:
  • 2011-2015:,,,,
  • 2015-2016:,,,,,
  • 2016-2020:,,,,
Listed below are a few companies known for their M&A activity ordered (roughly) by numbers available in public information sources.
Cisco = 200+ companies
Dell = 100+ companies
Recommended Read and Repo
Countries that feed the M&A engine...
FinOps taxonomy infographic
And finally... Shot and Chaser
Shot: Google TiSP (2007)
Chaser: 5G has entered the chat (2022)
Work Plug!
As a reminder, I work at Faction. What’s Faction you ask?🤔🤔🤔🤔
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