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Fudge Sunday - Betting Odds and Ends Justify the Means of Production

Start the week more informed 🤔💡🤯🤓
This week is a bit of a potpourri of links and concepts. The title is a play on words to cover four topics in one newsletter issue. Let’s get to it.

Last Week
Data Portability
Betting odds: Science Fiction and Smart Devices
One of the pandemic pastimes in modern economics is taking in a variety of streamed movies. Lately, I’ve noticed that it is only a few decades between the movie depiction of a futuristic plot device and a news article that warns of dystopia on the horizon.
2005: The Island
2021: Smart Toilets
Odds and Ends: What's old is what's new again?
I was lucky to start my career in wholesale turnkey Internet Service Provider (ISP) marketplace back in the glory days of telecommunication as everything went IP. What was a small community back then seemed to have all but disappeared until recently.
Roll your own
Or be someone else's margin
Ends justify the means: Institutional Monitoring
What happens to corporate values, company values, and the values of workers as technologies associated with systems (of machines) are used and applied to people?
Something something survey sampling
The rise of Bezosism
The means of production: Chips ahoy!
There’s always a XKCD… so…
xkcd: Dependency
Low-margin does not mean low-impact
One last thing...
While I’m starting to refine my flow a bit more that the exhaustive issues of the past, I’ve overlooked adding my disclosure for more than few of these issues. Management (as in me, myself, and the “you can’t spell id without” I in this case) regrets the error and will be retroactively editing online issues.
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