Fudge Sunday

By Jay Cuthrell

Start the week more informed than the week before

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Fudge Sunday - Cloud in Public: DevCommsOps

When I wrote about The Perfect Team, I summarized it as one to do it, write it down, and think ahead. We now have a historical perspective and definitions for the status dashboards and the Engineering SLO. Next, let's talk about how "write it down" can be exp…


Fudge Sunday - Cloud in Public: Engineering SLO

Definitions matter. Definitions will be pretty thick for this issue to focus on SLO, but we'll make a quick stop to understand the SLI and the SLA as well.In our first issue for the Cloud in Public series, we described cloud-related terminology such as status…


Fudge Sunday - Cloud in Public: Status Dashboards

A look back at this week in...2020 - Tokyo Stock Exchange outage2019 - NS1 took $33M Series C2018 - M&A of Hortonworks + Cloudera for $5.2B2017 - Yahoo's 2013 breach impacted all 3B users2016 - Microsoft Azure plans a data center in France2015 - Google In…


Fudge Sunday - Razor Thin Margins of Error Bars

This week I'm going to try a new format. Why? My follower count on Twitter reached +2600 and my follower count on LinkedIn reached +3200.Revue powers this newsletter and it is part of Twitter now. So, I'm not always sure when the "Twitter me" or the "LinkedIn…


Fudge Sunday - MultiCloudWashing Detergent

First, let's get a definition started. Depending on your reading, cloudwashing was coined by either Thomas Jefferson or John Treadway. Both?


Fudge Sunday - Betting Odds and Ends Justify the Means of Production

One of the pandemic pastimes in modern economics is taking in a variety of streamed movies. Lately, I've noticed that it is only a few decades between the movie depiction of a futuristic plot device and a news article that warns of dystopia on the horizon.


Fudge Sunday - Data Portability

What is data portability? Simply stated, data portability is the means of ensuring that data within a service is not prevented from extraction and reuse independently or with another service.In practice, a simple example might be unstructured data such as a p…


Fudge Sunday - Possible, Permissible, Sustainable, Repeatable, Advisable

Writing about the elements of a great product was inspired this week by another weekly newsletter I've started reading. First, a shout out to Grey Meyer's Data Operations newsletter for the backbone inspiration. Greg's newsletter explores the spaces between s…


Fudge Sunday - Dig Your Own SQL

Last week I spoke in my capacity as a team member at Faction about the topic of multi-cloud data services patterns within gaming and healthcare, convergence, and the world of AR / VR in our future.


Fudge Sunday - What's a Server?

If you enjoyed my last issue, I'll be providing a summary of sorts this week on Wednesday the 18th of August. I'll be speaking about multi-cloud data services patterns within gaming and healthcare, convergence, and the world of AR / VR in our future.


Fudge Sunday - Gaming, Healthcare, and Convergence

If you enjoy this issue, I'll be providing a summary of sorts in the near future. On August 18th, I'll be speaking about multi-cloud data services patterns within gaming and healthcare, convergence, and the world of AR / VR in our future.


Fudge Sunday - I Don't Know Where I'll Be Tomorrow

This is the fifth and final of the series. By now, we've talked a bit about data centers that are on the surface of the Earth and those that might be above it in the sky and beyond. While we haven't spent much time on the majority of what covers the earth, it…


Fudge Sunday - Get High On a New Thing

Hello again. Welcome to part 4 of 5 in this series. Let's recap.Previously, I mentioned the role of the edge and data gravity. Next, I went into a bit more detail on everything from the millions of places with data today and the many millions of places that w…


Fudge Sunday - All Along the Watchtower

Do you notice cell towers or do cell towers blend into the background? As a thought experiment, think back to the first time you noticed a cell tower. Could you point out the closest cell tower to you right now? Could you point to the closest antenna arrays o…


Fudge Sunday - And All Points In Between

Consider that there are still arguably millions of other data centers from privately held data centers to colocation data centers to specific niche hosting provider data centers. Also, there are clever essays on what if scenarios that challenge the notion of …


Fudge Sunday - And the way that gravity pulls on everyone

Sorry, Karl the Fog. Marketing is hard.Edge computing was once referred to as fog computing. Fog conveys and conjures imagery by way of an analogy to lower distanced cloud computing hovering much closer to the fertile data soil below it.Hey, at least you got …


Fudge Sunday - Reflecting and Projecting

Back in 2000, I found myself in Israel for a project. I was in Israel to work with a local team in Tel Aviv that worked closely with a team in Tokyo, Japan that coordinated with a team in Boston back in the US.Why was I in Tel Aviv?The answer was simple. We a…


Fudge Sunday - What I've been reading lately

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Fudge Sunday - When a Clubhouse asks if Enterprise selling can be remote

The Clubhouse session was led by a16 partner, David Ulevitch.Summary: Things were weird in 2020. Things are still weird now.Details: What has been learned so far has implications for the future of Enterprise selling. The learnings will apply in a potentially …


Fudge Sunday - Private Podcasting and Max Headroom

Podcasts, like many technologies, scratched an itch of sorts. Internet friendly content formats, increasing availability of broadband, and the notions of publishing syndication made the trafficking of (then) larger files possible. Essentially, podcasts took t…